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About Gina


Why I Developed the Center

I believe that a supportive and caring therapy relationship empowers our clients to create positive change in their lives. From the many encounters we have had with people from all walks of life, we are confident that good connections to others provide us with the motivation and energy to pursue personal growth and development. In therapy,out therapists work with our clients to examine their relationships, past and present, and determine the strengths and/or difficulties these relationships have created in their present professional or personal lives. Through our work and our own lives, we believe that learning more effective relationship strategies can help us lead fuller, happier lives.

Our specialties include, but are not limited to, trauma, divorce, loss and grief, LBGQ issues, workplace stress, balancing parenting/work issues, parenting, parenting groups, couples, family and group therapy as well as individual therapy focusing on anxiety and depression for both men and women. And of course the wonderful work we do in our large “studio” with children of all ages.


Meet Our Team


Gina Cole, LMFT, Founder

My professional work is founded on the belief that all people, regardless of age or circumstance, have the capacity to learn and grow and to enhance their personal well-being. As a therapist, I partner with my clients as we explore present difficulties or past traumas. Through a supportive therapeutic process, my clients discover and build upon their own inner strengths and resources, which they learn to rely upon outside of therapy in their daily lives. I work with people of all ages around, trauma, stress, life transition, relationship issues, parenting problems, depression, anxiety, and grief and loss.

My professional orientation is rooted in developmental psychology as well as somatic and mindfulness practices. My approach combines traditional and alternative techniques such as EMDR that are focused in the “here and now” and at times are experimental taking into account the various ways people express themselves.
As a therapist, I am a perceptive, active listener who provides a warm, safe atmosphere where clients can express their inner life at their own pace.







Girls Circle: A weekly meeting for girls around high school age. The girls support each other as they navigate the often-confusing expectations they face, as they become young women. This group was founded over a year ago and has remained a soft place to land for current and past members.


Girl Inspired: A weekly meeting for pre-teen girls who want to support and be supported as they enter into young adulthood. Through art and discussion we strengthen self-esteem and core values of each girl and we offer new skills for becoming a healthy happy teenager.



Taming Your Dragons: Sometimes kids just need some extra tools in order to tame those pesky dragons we call anxiety. Using mindfulness, yoga and a lot of understanding, this group will help young ones who need some help calming their minds.


Jedi Training: Similar to our “Taming Your Dragons” group, Jedi Training uses mindfulness and yoga techniques to help young ones. This group focuses on quieting the body to help quiet the mind. This group concentrates on focusing skills. This is a six-week group.


Life Skills-Informed Group: This is a group for college age adults who would like to develop skills to communicate effectively and enhance relationships with themselves and with others. Participants learn skills of mindfulness, tolerating and accepting disturbances in mood and emotional regulation. The group meets weekly.


The Spectrum of Ability: A very original approach to a social skills group for young adults on the spectrum, this group will offer each member a chance to shine and give something that only he or she can give. Co-facilitated and co- created by a peer, each member will teach the rest something he or she is interested in. This group will foster independence, social abilities and self-confidence.

Simultaneously, a group will be held for the parents of the members of The Spectrum of Ability. This group will focus on support and psycho-education of ASD and the amazing possibilities that their adult children have open to them.



Gina Cole, LMFT, Owner, Clinical Director   |   805 620.7172  |   gcole@therfcc.com


LeAnna George, Administrative Assistant   |   805.620.7172   |   lgeorge@therfcc.com